Arizona fine Violins

Viola Strings

Please click on the manufacturer's special page for their specific string brand offerings:

Custom Viola Sets!  Save big on custom made combinations of Thomastik/Larsen Evah/Spirocore, Spirocore/Jargar

Pirastro Viola Strings Evah Pirazzi,Evah Pirazzi Gold, Passione, Obligato, Tonica etc...

Larsen viola strings are pretty incredible! It's hard to find any professional violas without at least one of their strings!

Thomastik Viola Strings include the famous Spirocore Tungsten and Silver strings, Chrome, Superflexible, Vision, Vision Solos

Jargar viola strings, in Medium, Forte and Dolce (light) are great cello strings

D'Addario viola strings: Helicore and Kaplan Solutions


Warchal's Brilliant and Karneol