Arizona fine Violins

Upright Bass Strings

Please click on the manufacturer's special page for their specific string brand offerings:

Pirastro Bass Strings Evah Pirazzi, Flexocor Deluxe, Flexocor Originals, Flatchrome Original, Obligato, Permanent, Passione & All Solo Bass Strings

Thomastik Bass Strings: include the famous Spirocore brands, Belcanto, Superflexible, Dominant.

Velvet brand made by the Swiss includes the Velvet Compas Blues, Anima, Garbo as well as their Compas 180 strings.

D'Addario bass strings: Helicore (Orchestra, Hybrid, Pizzicato) Kaplan, Zyex

La Bella Bass Strings: Black Tapewounds, White Nylons, Supernil

Jargar upright bass strings, in Medium, Forte and Dolce (light)

Innovation Bass strings: Supersilver, Silver Slap, Golden Slap, Rockabilly, Psycho Slap & Honey strings.

Lenzner German made gut bass strings. In pure or wound gut.