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Thomastik Viola Strings

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Spirocore Viola Strings

Spirocore Viola Strings are popular viola strings with the lower Tungsten C & Silver G's some of the most favored in the world.

Dominant Viola Strings

Dominant Viola Strings are the 'tried and true' original perlon core viola strings that after a few being around for a few decades, is still a very reliable and popular viola string.

Vision & Vision Solo Viola Strings

Vision & Vision Solo Viola Strings are the newest viola strings by Thomastik. The special composite core enable them to be very responsive and allow for slightly more bow pressure. While warm sounding in general, the Solos offer a tad bit brighter sound and response.
Superflexible Viola Strings

Thomastik Superflexible viola have steel rope core construction and tend to be slightly brighter than the newer composite strings.
Precision Viola Strings

Precision Viola strings are cheaply priced, but very long lasting. Great for those on a school budget. These are steel strings.

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