Arizona fine Violins

Thomastik Violin Strings

Pirastro makes a wide variety of violin strings from steel, gut or synthetic core, we offer everything that they make here.  Simply check on the text or photo link to be taken to that particular brand where you can read more detailed information of that particular brand and order from there.  For violin strings, shipping is free with a $40 minimum order.

Peter Infeld Violin Strings are made with new string technologies: Lower in tension, very responsive to the touch and lively strings. These strings offer a multiple layered and complex tone.

Dominant Violin Strings are synthetic perlon (nylon) core. It is THE string brand 'base' of which every other string brand is compared to and judged from. These play warm like gut strings, but stay in tune!

Vision Solo Violin strings are a tad bit more 'brilliant' or brighter than their other Vision strings. While warm and blending violin strings, they have a soloistic kind of response and elegance to them.

Infeld Red & Infeld Blue Violin Strings: The Infeld Reds are designed to create a warmer focused sound, whereas the Infeld Blues are more brilliant (slightly brighter).

Vision Violin Strings new advanced string technology with quick break in time (only a couple of hours.) Very focused and brilliant.

Vision Titanium violin strings tend to be darker than the other Vision brand. Great for Solo and Recital playing.