Arizona fine Violins

Shipping Information and Return Policy

While we pride ourselves on only offering the best quality and highest level of products and service, sometimes strings can break prematurely or accessories fail.  For strings, we do not allow returns for any string that was installed.  We do allow returns within 20 days from order for premature breakage.  If a string breaks prematurely, contact us first to let us know that you are returning a string.  Also, it is best to insure and/or track your shipment because Arizona Fine Violins cannot be held responsible if your returning shipment is lost or damaged.  We will only replace the same string brand and gauge that was originally purchased.   Unopened strings may only be returned within 20 days.  This way we can insure that our strings are legitimately fresh and re-offer them to all our customers.  Because of the individual differences and personalities in instruments we do not accept returns from customers that claim premature deadening, dull or 'dead' strings.  The string brands and manufacturers that we offer here are outstanding and in most cases, they will often replace a string when contacted by individual players.

For instruments, we have a very competitive, limited lifetime warranty.  

For Violins, Violas and Cellos, we offer a lifelong warranty period for your instrument.  The warranty is only covered by you, the original owner and is not transferable should you later resell the instrument.  Please keep in mind that any unauthorized repair or adjustment by another luthier or repairman can and will void our warranty.  This is it our discretion and final say.

Here's an easy bullet list to show what we cover:

  • Cracks related to abnormal wood shrinkage.  Accidental damage, impacts or any other kind human error is not covered.
  • All glue joints or open seams
  • Sound post adjustments

Limited One Year Coverage:

  • All fittings, such as hardware, pegs, tailpieces, chinrests and/or fine tuners. 
  • Varnish.  We will touch up your instrument the first year on wear spots or scratches.
  • We will cover and warranty your bridge from warping or breaking the first year.  Usually bridges last a very long time with proper care: Be aware that sometimes your bridge will lean upwards or downwards towards the tailpiece with just just normal everyday use (tuning or changing strings) will slowly pinch or tilt the bridge.

Things we do not cover:

  • Strings.  Strings simply wear and/or break after use.
  • Damage caused by player/owner misuse or neglect.  Extreme hot or cold temperatures are a problem in the Valley of the Sun.  Do not leave your instrument in your car even for one minute.  The rule of thumb is, it's ok, to stop and put gas into your car, but not run into the supermarket! The heat can quickly overwhelm and ruin a nice violin varnish.
  • Broken necks or necks that have been badly loosened in the neck block due dropping or some other related impact.

Our Incredible Trade-In Policy

We offer some pretty amazing trade-ins for our customers.  First, we guarantee up to 100% trade in value for the instrument that you purchased from our shop.  The instrument must be in the same condition as it was when originally purchased and the new 'upgraded' instrument must be at least double in value of the original purchased trade-in instrument.  For our basses, we also offer a special 15% on the new bass being purchased.   For example, say you bought one of our nice Thompson plywood basses ($1,4850 and then later decide to buy a fully carved, G.B. Rogeri bass for $4,950.  You can then take off your 15% discount of the new buying price of the Rogeri, which is $742.50 and you get to keep your old plywood bass to either keep as your new '2nd' bass or sell on your own to maximize your advantage.

Our 30 Day Guarantee

Buying a new instrument is sometimes tricky in that what you like today, maybe not the next!  We offer a nice 30 day exchange program in that should you change your mind and want 'the other one' that you were comparing too or just want to switch you can do so.  We of course require the instrument to be in the same state and condition and the new instrument must be of same price as the original or greater.

How We Ship Our Strings and Instruments

We almost always ship our strings and accessories by way of First Class US Mail.  This way, we can achieve a cheaper, yet efficient way to get the strings out quickly and to our customers.  For overseas international customers, we almost always ship US Airmail.  We also have faster alternatives which included Priority Mail and/or Express for those in urgent need of a quick shipment.  Our orders are quickly filled and orders usually sent following day of order, if not the same day received by us.  While everything we ship is fully insured, for the

Our Rental Instruments, (violins and violas) are usually shipped by UPS Ground.

Our Strict Privacy Policy

Any information that we receive from our customers is strictly confidential.  While we may retain your email address to send occasional sale notices, we will never share your email address with any other person and/or party.  Additionally, we always leave an easy opt out or unsubscribe button on our news bulletins should anyone not one to receive any additional emails. (We send emails about 4-6 times a year only.)  Lastly, it is our practice here to never retain or store anyone's confidential credit card information.  Once we use or charge a card and the transaction is completed and/or item shipped, the credit card number and related financial information is quickly destroyed.  We do not ever keep or store customer credit card information.