Arizona fine Violins

Pirastro Violin Strings

Pirastro makes a wide variety of violin strings from steel, gut or synthetic core, we offer everything that they make here.  Simply check on the text or photo link to be taken to that particular brand where you can read more detailed information of that particular brand and order from there.  For violin strings, shipping is free with a $40 minimum order.

Evah Pirazzi We sell both the famous 'green' label Pirazzis and the newer, "Gold" Evah Pirazzi. 

Tonica violin strings have a high tech, perlon synthetic core.  These strings are really great for the money. 

Pirasto Obligato has a synthetic core (that will mimic gut), but without all the hassles of gut.

Gold Label,
gut string core with that famous E string!

Pirastro's Chorda gut
strings are the perfect choice. These are the old-fashioned tied end string that players used 200 years ago.

Pirastro's Olive Violin Strings offer a vast array of selection in gauges, wrapping and stiffness, gut core

Eudoxa violin, gut core strings, metal wrapped and come in several different gauges to accommodate any violin

 Passiones have a gut core with silver wrapping. Each string comes in 5 tensions and gauges

Piranito violin strings are metal strings and popular for schools on a budget.