Arizona fine Violins

Upright Bass Rosin in Phoenix

What kinds or brands of upright bass rosin works best in the hot desert climate of Phoenix and why? Bass rosin can be a 'sticky' business trying to get the maximum performance and without ruining your bass bow hair. In general Pop's rosinPhoenix Bass Rosin works here in Phoenix, but there are exceptions. First, while Pop's and most rosins will work here year round, one has to be careful about how and when to apply it and how much. During the cooler winter months the player can get away with a little more rosin. It's cool, it's dry and the rosin will not 'gloss' over your hair too easily.

In the hot summer monsoon season, Pop's will be sticky-er so use less or even use a different brand. Kolsteins All Weather rosin works better then and will be safer for your hair.

When you transport your bass (with bow in bow case or bow pocket) the hair can quickly get heated and a little too flat or gooey. What some players do, is they keep an old tooth brush in their bass cover pocket and when they take their bow out, they brush it a few times. That helps keep the wax from building on the hair. Wax? Yes wax, because bass rosins in general are made soft because the instrument and string mass is so much bigger and harder to move (the strings), the wax element helps keep more rosin on the surface of the hair.

Also, in the winter when it is much cooler and very dry, almost nothing will work like it does the rest of the year. Try Soft Kolsteins then, but again, use it sparingly.