Arizona fine Violins

Phoenix Mesa Upright Bass Rental

Yes, we rent a lot of very nice upright basses from our Mesa violin shop. You get a nice plywood bass with ebony fingerboard, a deluxe easy to play setup, nice strings, bow and cover, all for $50. Most shops around the valley will charge $80 and up and for inferior basses! Since we are the Phoenix valley's bass 'king', (with over 100 basses in stock!), we can afford to buy low, sell low and low too!

Please call ahead to ask if your needed size is already available as we can always quickly grab a new one off the rack in our warehouse and get one ready if need be. We can even cater to the style of music you are going to play one. For school students, usually a classical style set up is called for, but if you play jazz or some other genre of music, we can set the bass up accordingly.

Special note: with our bass rentals, we only rent for long term rentals...meaning, more than month. This means unfortunately, we are not set up yet to just deliver or rent a bass for a gig or week long visit. Additionally, we do not ship basses out for rent.

We usually mostly rent fractional size basses: 1/4, 1/2 and then 3/4. BTW, a 3/4 bass is really considered a full, adult size bass. Please feel free to call if you have any questions about bass rental in the Phoenix area. Our phone number is easy to remember, 480-777-BASS (2277). Not only are the upright basses here the best quality in the valley, we are also the most affordable. Rental credits also can be applied to the purchase of any bass. Also see our Violin Rentals page for additional information.