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Mesa Phoenix Viola Teachers

We are often asked for teacher references and/or recommendations in the Mesa-Phoenix area.  That's so hard to do because there are so many different age and levels of playing that are needed.  Some have preferences for young beginners to the intermediate levels, while others specialize in the most advanced playing. Arizona Fine Violin will not recommend anyone in particular, but we are sincerely happy to help make Mesa, Phoenix teaches connect with students that live or work in their vicinity.

If you are an active and dedicated violin teacher in the Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, or anywhere else in the valley, simply email us here.  We would like your name, phone number, general location as we show here and anything pertinent or remarkable to what you personally offer: Languages, expertise (Suzuki) for instance.  You can post your phone and/or email address.  The email address will not be show in a trackable 'spammy' way that the internet trollers can take.

We won't post lesson costs here because that's personal to the teachers, so feel free to call or email around to the ones that you are most interested in or nearest to you.

Mesa, Tempe, Phoenix...all valley teachers, please stop in to receive your Arizona Fine Violins Teacher discount card.  Teachers must have a studio of at least 5 students to qualify.

Anna Kim Kazepides (PSO)
Ahwatukee area
English & Korean
(Does not accept beginner students)
480 704-9641


Bob Strava (PSO)
Central Phoenix
Ron Whaley (PSO)
English and Español
Dumitru Lazarescu (PSO)
Ahwataukee area
English and Romanian
Chun-Yi Lu (PSO)
Goodyear (west part of the valley)
English and Chinese
Dana Pasley (PSO)
Chandler and Awataukee area
Carter Pendell (PSO)