Arizona fine Violins

Mesa Phoenix Student Cellos

Thompson CelloAt Arizona Fine Violins, we already sell a lot of student price level cellos!  Because of our huge volumes (especially our upright basses), we are able to buy and make instruments at incredible savings that is reflected in our lower retail price.  Notice our first line of this paragraph, we say, 'student price level' cellos?  While our prices are affordable ($2,000 range, they always compare to cellos that are much higher in price.  In other words, we get the 'most cello' at the lowest prices. Because of our ability to buy cello strings in huge volumes, we can also save a lot in making that cello package.

We offer two major brands and are the exclusive dealers of both the Thompson and the Emile Gillet

Each cello is set up in our shop, with the best strings.  Often we play the cello after it is first set up to see what strings work the best.  Sometimes, 'cheaper' strings work and play better on a particular cello.  They each have their own personality.  For every player, there is a cello for them which will suit their needs and match the sound that they have been listening or searching for.

There is no problem to pick up a cello and take it home for a week.  We find that this is the best way to offer the student cellos:  take it home, show the cello teacher fro approval and most importantly give the young player the needed amount of time to hear all the nuances and qualities that the new cello will offer them..

We also have a huge and every growing selection here so please...come on over, see and play!  Cello teachers, you are very welcome to come and bring your students.