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Mesa Phoenix Violin Rentals

We're very proud of our violin rental program that we offer for the Mesa-Phoenix Metro area. To simply say that our rentals are the best in the valley, does not really express enough of what it is that makes our instruments and our program so special.  First, the quality level and the whole 'kit' (instrument, case, bow, rosin and shoulder rest) is on a very high level and far surpasses our competition.  After seeing and hearing our instruments most teachers are quick to refer to us.  We also have a fantastic rental 'credit' plan included so that if and when the rentor should ever decide to just buy an instrument, we offer the most aggressive credit bonuses here.

When you rent an instrument, there are a few important things to consider.  First, the quality of the instrument being made and offered, which will include how we process and prepare it BEFORE you pick it up.  We buy and rent only the top name brands.  A good quality instrument is much easier to learn on when the strings are set just right and the instrument is processed correctly (we call it the 'set up').  The strings are not too low or too high, the angles are perfect and we use very good quality strings (Tonica, Dominant or Corelli).  We won't put cheap quality strings on any of our instruments (like other shops do) because while it would certainly keep our costs down, they sound bad and they do not even last.  We find that putting on good quality strings and fittings, they will not only perform far better, they actually last much longer!

Rent to Own?  Most valley shops offer a portion of the monthly rental fee each month which will accumulate and can then be applied to own that particular instrument, or another brand new one.  At AZ Fine Violins, we offer the most rental credit than any other shop in the valley.  Lots of students and parents feel that acruing 'rental credits' is important when deciding on where to rent their instrument and we agree.  To understand the reasoning behind this idea, we have another dedicated page we call, "Arizona Rent to Own Plan".  Please visit this page for more information and details.

Our Arizona Fine Violins Rental Checklist:

  • Quality violins, violas, cellos and basses and that are easier to learn and play on.  All set up and ready to play so that students and players will 'feel' and hear the difference.
  • High quality strings and set just right. 
  • Nice, protective case (for violins and violas) and thick highly protective cello or bass covers.
  • A new or fresh composite bow
  • Rosin included in all violin, viola, cellos
  • Nice colorful shoulder rests are loaned and supplied, at NO additional costs.  (All other shops in the valley charge extra for these.  We use the colorful, Everest brand! Saving you around $20.
  • Even though we have the best quality instruments here, we still have the lowest rates:  A good quality violin, for $18!
  • Each month, renters receive a special credit that is accrued towards a purchase (rent to own.)
  • No minimum rental periods and or advance payments required

You will often see and read articles or web pages regarding American String Teachers Association (ASTA) and/or Music Educators National Conference (MENC) playing standards.  This was adopted many years ago so that string teachers can help the string shops know and understand the 'minimum' requirements they needed for their student's instruments.  For instance, that the strings will not be too high to press down on, or string spacing too close or too far apart, the chin rests placement or type of shoulder rests needed, including the quality of these needed accessories and strings, etc....  No matter what your budget is with us, you can rest assured that all of our violins far exceed these minimums.  Again, our dedication to our learning students is to make learning on their new stringed instrument as easy as possible.  An instrument that is easy to play and easy to produce sound on will encourage the student and greatly increase a much higher success rate for the student.

How to Rent From Us

We offer 'easy to rent' policies here.  Simply click on each link to read how you can rent:

  • First, the easiest, best way, is to simply come to our Mesa shop so that we can see you (the student), size you up properly in person and quickly get you all ready. 
  • Some schools offer "Rental Nights" at the start of the school year.  If you do not see ARIZONA FINE VIOLINS on this list, please make sure that the teachers have indeed invited us
  • An easy, fillable on-line rental form which you can print out to email or bring to the shop

Is it hard to learn on a violin?  No!  The best way to think of in terms of learning how to play any instrument is that when we were children, we learned to crawl first, then stand, walk, then run.  On a violin, there are all sorts of variables to deal with: Holding and balancing the new violin, under chin, holding bow, bow grip and balance etc... so there's lots of new 'instructions' to juggle with, but always learning in 'baby steps'.Mesa Violin Rental

In addition to our fine quality rental violins and playability, the quality of strings are important.  Make sure that wherever you get your violin rental, that the strings are of good quality.  Cheap strings, sound cheap and even an un-experienced student can and will hear this difference.  It's not smart for any shop to skimp on these (unknown) kinds of variables to save money.  In this way, no one wins, especially the player.  We really like Pirastro's Tonica strings.  They are not the cheapest string brand you can find or buy, but the quality of sound and durability in them (in just the little extra cost) is a HUGE quality sound difference and very much worth having them on our rental violins.  The Tonicas sound warm and are very expressive.  If by some chance your teacher prefers another brand of strings, we can certainly install these for you at whatever the difference is in price.

Here is a photo of one of our 4/4 size rental violins.  It is the Angel Violins #400 series violin rental.  Shown here, the attractive violin, with wooden Brazilwood bow and instrument case.  We rent these for for only $18 bucks a month and there is no rental minimum either!  Sometimes we may substitute brands depending on availability and/or if we find something comparable in quality or better.

All of the instruments in our rental fleet are either brand new or like new condition.

Prepaid Rental Violin Discount Plan

Here is a great way to save money if you pay in advance.  Here, by paying in advance you can rent a violin for only $12 a month!

One Month Free Rent for 6 months Pay for 5 months
2 Months Free Rent for 9 months Pay for 6.5 months
3 Months Free Rent for 12 months Pay for 8.5 months

VIOLIN $90.00
($15 a month)
$117 (Most popular)
($13.00 a month)
($12.00 per month)
VIOLA $115
($19.17 a month)
($16.61 per month)
($16.29 per month)
($29.17 a month)
($25.28 per month)
($24.79 per month)
($33.33 a month)
($28.89 a month)
($28.33 a month)
BASS $250
($41.66 a month)
($36.11 a month)
($35.42 a month)

Month To Month Violin/Viola/Cello/Bass Rental Fee Chart (There is no required minimum to start your rental.)

Instrument Rental Fee Maintenance Fee Tax Total Monthly Rental Fee
Violin  12.03  5.00  .97 $20.00  $18.00
Viola  16.65  5.00  1.35 $25.00  $23.00
Plywood Cellos: 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 sizes 20.23 13.00 1.77 $45.00   $35.00
Fully Carved Cellos: 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 sizes  24.98  13.00  2.02

$45.00   $40.00

Plywood Bass  27.76  20.00  2.24 $60.00    $50.00

If and when you are shopping around the valley for the best violins and for the best price, you will always find us at the top in every category.  Some shops will not talk about tax and/or maintenance fees until the very end, but be aware of these.  We always include them here for folks to see and read.

Would you like to download and print our rental forms before you come in?  This will surely save you time when you come in.  Please fill out the form and then print TWO copies.  Please bring both copies with you for us to finish for you.

All violin rentals in our Phoenix/Mesa shop come with a good, sturdy bow with real horsetail hair, rosin and a good, lightweight, yet sturdy violin case that has pockets and compartments inside for various accessories.  We proudly offer the best instruments, accessories.  We also spend a lot of time for each instrument to get the most playability and ease of playing which is crucial for a student to have.