Arizona fine Violins

Violin, Viola, Cello & Upright Bass Cases

We have a nice selection of musical instrument cases. Simply click on the photo or bold text for your instrument group.

Violin Cases

We have a huge selection of the major brands: BAM, Bobelock, and some offshoot brands that offer good value as well.

Bam Contour Violin Case

Upright Bass Covers and Flight Cases

Offering Tuff-Bag covers and Tuff-Bag Cases

Tuff-Bag Upright Bass Covers

Cello Cases

We have a huge selection of the best name brands available and for every price range: BAM, Musilia, Accord, Bobelock and Janson Cello Cases. A price range for everyone!

Accord Cello Case

Viola Cases

We're partial to Bobelock. They make some of most sturdiest and best built viola cases.

Bobelock Viola Case