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Cheap Violin, Viola, Cello & Upright Bass Strings in Phoenix

Let's face it, no matter how you try to slice and dice it, violin, viola, cello and/or upright bass strings are not cheap these days.  There are certainly more affordable sets than others, but for some inexperienced players and even the top pros, wish they knew what types of strings they can get that won't break the bank, yet still get high performance out of their strings and instrument.

Cheap Violin Strings

Here, we're going to try and help with that.  First, about cheap violin strings.  Violinists.... stop complaining about your string prices!  You have the cheapest strings in the 'family'.  There is a reason why though the higher end strings, like Evah Pirazzi Gold or Peter Infelds cost the's because they work.  So buy them if you like high performance strings because the are worth it.  On the other hand, surely not everyone needs or wants to spend $100 for a set of violin strings.  A very old standby string for those that want playability, response and a 'quality' string, can buy a set of Thomastik Dominants.  They average around $60 with their steel E string, but we also notice players love to substitute the Dominant E with either a Goldbrokat or a Pirastro Gold Label E string.  These E's are also cheaper too!  Here, we offer a combined custom set of the Dominant G, D, A, and E (either Goldbrokat or a Gold Label).  You'll love this set and it is a nice, $52 and free shipping! 

Cheap Viola Strings

Viola players, your next on our cheap viola strings list.  Don't complain either, as your prices are not too bad (in comparison to your bass clef brethren) and if you do complain, someone will mercilessly tell another one of those dreaded (stupid!) viola jokes.  Your primo sets are easy:  Evah Pirazzi, Evah Pirazzi Gold, Vision Solos (yes, lots are buying these now) and also substitute the default A string that with a Larsen A.  You can get a great deal on this set on our very own custom sets viola strings page.  Amazing deals there!  The best deal though, cheapest for getting the most string for the least dough, Pirastro Tonicas.  These are very nice, synthetic strings that a real 'pop' to them.  Responsive, yet only cost around $75, but again, you still get a lot for price.

Not Cheap, But 'More Affordable' Cello Strings

Cello players and Bass players, it's not enough that you hold up the whole harmonic strings structure in the orchestra.  Playing loudly and dominantly so that your 'squeaky' sisters and brothers can appear virtuous!  You should actually be paid more in the orchestras that you play in simply because your strings are often double or even triple in cost!  Life is not fair, but then again, you get to play that incredible sounding instrument and well....we give you some deals and advice here too!!

Cheap cello strings: Well, is there such a thing? No, but we can give you some more "affordable" and very impressive combinations of which to choose from.  Yes, it is probably the cellists that first started substituting and combing different brands of strings together, mix and matching them.  The most famous and certainly not the cheapest sets are the Thomastik medium Spirocore Tungsten C & G with the Larsen medium A & D as the top two. That set is not only the #1 most favored cello set used in the world, it is also one of the most expensive.  Again, we do have a lovely cello custom combined set strings page where you can save $40-50 on a set, simply by getting them combined for you.  See our custom cello sets page for more ideas like that.   Oh yea, the cheap set:  Here's a couple great ideas: Spirocore chrome C & G (medium), and Jargar A & D.  While the Spirocore chrome strings might not have the most penetration and presence as the Tungstens, they are far cheaper and for a student cello, a GREAT alternative set.  Jargar too makes a very affordable A & D strings and they just happen to be great playing and sounding cello strings.  Very popular with cellists and not those just trying to save money. 

Upright Bass Strings!  Well, you know (in Phoenix) there is NO other place for basses.  Not really!  we have everything for you.  We carry and stock every major (and not so major) string brand for you.  I wish there was a cheap alternative for us, like the way cheap Tonica strings are for the viola!  The thing about basses is that they are way more versatile in that they are played in so many different settings and styles, like jazz, classical, bluegrass, slap rockabilly etc... there is a particular design to either be played by plucking (pizz) or bowing. Then there are a lot of players that do both. The simple quick answer to your hybrid needs for sure, Evah Pirazzi Weich: The #1 set of bass strings most purchased because of their extreme versatility.  

Slap Rockabilly players,  first it's gut (they cost the most) and we prefer and sell the Lenzner gut bass strings.  After gut, then the Innovation brand from England do very well and they cost around $145.  The cheapest though would be La Bella Supernil which are about half that price.  Only for slapping though, otherwise you will be disappointed as they are not a jazz or bowing string.

Jazz, if money is totally an issue, try a set of D'Addario Pizzicatos.  If you can afford a bit more than your whole world opens up with Thomastik Spirocore (mediums!) and even the Velvet strings. 

Classical upright bass players, on a budget, don't be afraid to try a set of medium Jargar bass strings.  Again, Jargar quietly makes these strings (currently go for around $119) and they play well, are a quality made string, yet more affordable then some of the Pirastro or Thomastik sets.  Having written that, I should qualify this and say that still...the Pirastro Flexocor Deluxe, or any of Pirastro's bass strings, while more money, are worth it.  Include Passione, all and anything with a Flexocor name on it.