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Cello Cases

We have a nice selection of cello cases. We offer the very best in quality, yet there is something for every price range, level and age group. Click on the cello brand as there are often many models and price groups per brand.

The Janson and Bobelock cello cases offer great protection, wear and are very affordable cases. The BAM, Musilia and Accord cases are pricier, yet offer other advantages for 'on the go' professional or serious, accomplished amateur cello players.

Janson Cello Cases

The Janson cello case offers an incredible quality for only $345 (including shipping in the USA).


Bobelock Cello Case $399

These are by far, the most popular cello case sold in America!

BAM Cello Cases

We offer their Classic, Newtech and Hightech models

Accord Cello Cases

Accord Cases are back! With the new distribution, these now more readily available. We offer all 3 models: The Hybrid ('Special'), the Standard and the Ultralight

Musilia Cello Cases have quickly become THE trendy case to get: Pound per pound, they offer the best deal. We offer their S1, S2, S3 and for the wider cellos, M5 & M6