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Bobelock Violin, Viola and Cello Cases

At Arizona Fine Violins, we sell the best instrument cases for each and every price range.  Bobelock represents (still!) the best quality one can get for the least amount of money.  You will not find Bobelock prices to be the cheapest when comparing other brands of violin, viola or cello cases, but the quality comparison is always overwhelmingly in favor of the Bobelock brand.  We too, sell the cheaper knock-off Chinese brands here, but if you want to get the best case for your money, it's going to be Bobelock.Bobelock Violin Case

First about their cello cases.  Bobelock cello cases come in all sorts of colors: Black, Blue, Ivory, Red, Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange and Pink (!)  They are made with quality latches and are the most well made and most durable cello case under the $600 range.  These are made to withstand lots of hard use and abuse.  In this price range, more of a student case, the students tend to be the hardest on cases, yet the Bobelock cello cases can take it! 

Bobelock's most successful violin case is sure their #1017 Hill Style or their #1051.  These are still revered by the highest level professionals throughout the world and used by violin and viola players in the best orchestras.  They are well made, have a very professional elegance to them, and most of all, wear and wear for years to come!  See our Bobelock Violin (and Viola) cases pages to see and read more about them.