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Arizona Teacher Violin Discount Cards

Music in the schools and the teachers that teach violin, viola, cello and upright bass, we salute you for your dedication, hard work and excellence.  People who teach do not do so because it makes them rich, but they teach because they love what they do and they love what it does for their students.  For every successful musician, whether it is a top professional or someone that plays for their own personal enjoyment, there is at least one or two major teachers that surely touched their life to elevate it to the highest level.

Music teachers in Phoenix-Mesa (and everyone else in the Phoenix metro area) and Arizona, we would like to show a little well earned respect to you and let you know that we offer professional teachers (in schools or private studios) a membership discount card.  We already have the lowest prices on instruments, strings and accessories, but we would like to pass along a little more savings to you so that you know we appreciate you and we want you know that we are always here for you!

Also, please do not be afraid or bashful about letting us know how we can better serve you and your students.  For example, maybe there is a special shoulder rest that you prefer that we may not know about or feel important enough to carry.  Let us know about anything you need or think we should carry.  Even if we do not presently stock it, we can always quickly get it sent to us and the cheapest prices!

Arizona Fine Violins, is new and unique to the valley.  Never before has there been a shop with such a top, brand name selection for instruments, cases and strings.  Not only are we the best deal in town, but we ship every where in the world because of this.  Come to our shop, introduce yourself and get your violin/viola, cello, upright bass teacher card.  For private music studio teachers, you must have at least current 5 students to qualify.