Arizona fine Violins

About Us

While the name Arizona fine Violins is new to the Phoenix valley, we are not new to the business or Arizona!  Arizona fine Violins is the sister company of the deeply established mail order company, String Emporium.  S.E. was first well known throughout the world as the premier specialist in upright basses and violin family instruments and accessories.  Arizona Fine Violins is owned and operated by Steve and Mei Lin Koscica. 

For the past 28 years (!) Steve has been a professional orchestra bass player. He presently holds the Assistant Principal Bass position with the Phoenix Symphony and before coming to Phoenix (in the 1990-'91 Season) he was Principal Bass with the Hong Kong Philharmonic.  Steve, whom is self-admittedly 'bass crazy', is happy to talk and/or visit with anyone about basses!

Mei Lin's specialty comes from an incredibly unpredictable evolution of supply chain, world trade expertise to similar related world trade expert in musical instruments.  Born and raised in Hong Kong, her extensive background first specialized in the garment business.  After a lifelong love of linguistics, she speaks fluent Cantonese, Mandarin, English and after 4 semesters community college, her newest language in the works, Spanish.  Everyone who calls us, refers to her as 'the nice one on the phone'!

Together Steve and Mei Lin scour the world for the best deals in violin family instruments and related accessories.  We not only have the best stuff, we have the lowest prices, guaranteed!

We also have a world class level of violin luthier repairmen.  On staff, is our shop manager, Mr. Terrance McShane.  Many in the valley have known Terry and his long time violin shop as the String Shop of Arizona.  Terry is fully experienced in any possible restoration or repair needed for the violin family and he brings 30+  years of expertise to Arizona Fine Violins.  There is no job too small or too big for him.  Please read more about Terry McShane's background in our own, Luthier's Corner link on this website.

In addition to Terry, we are also honored to have on call, Mr. Jon Peterson, specialist in the upright bass.  Jon has been a bass specialist for the past 40+ years.  Steve has been known to drive all the way to Long Beach, CA and back, (some 800+ miles) on his symphony's day off, just so Jon can move the sound post in his Vincenzo Corain bass!  Some may think that that is excessive, but as any musician can attest, when your instrument is humming just perfectly, there is nothing like it and such a long drive is nothing when it comes to making the bass sound it premium best.  There is no one on the planet as qualified and knowledgeable when it comes to basses!  Jons schedules himself on a per need 'basis'.   The Phoenix valley is THE perfect place to do extensive restorations on instruments:  It is DRY year round (don't we all know it!)?  By being dry all year long, makes for a very reliable and stable environment to put together and repair old instruments.  In other more humid and seasonal climates, the bigger restorations can only be done in the dryer, colder winter months.  For more information about Jon Peterson, you can read more about him in our Luthier's Corner link.